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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

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I Found You (3/3)
Title: I Found You

Length: triple-shot (3/3)

Genre: drama, romance, fluff, slight crack

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: Yunho has found out that the one arranged to be his wife was also the same boy from 15 years ago who was his first love. But after hearing that the young man, together with his family, was massacred, what is the young prince supposed to do? With the help of his best friend, Jaejoong, what would be the fruit of his search?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

Yunho’s almond-shaped eyes widened as he recalled his own words.

“Oh, shit!”

Almost immediately, he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his car keys again. He sped down towards where he left the other, praying for the angel to tolerate his unreasonable stupidity.

Once he reached the vicinity, he literally ‘flew’ up the stairs. He knocked on the room’s door. When he received no response, he timidly opened the door. In his mind, he can see Jaejoong standing right where he was when the prince left him. But right before his eyes, there was no Jaejoong. All he saw was a broken vase, flowers scattered on the carpeted floor.

He was about to close the door when he noticed that the broken shards, the flowers and the carpet had something on them.


“Holy crap,” he muttered before looking around the other rooms for Yoochun, Junsu or Changmin.

As he looked around, he found no one. When a maid passed by, he immediately called out for her. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh, they have left for the hospital, Your Grace,” she answered as she curtsied.

“I figured. What happened to Jaejoong?”

“Apparently, His Excellency broke the flower vase with his own fist – effectively injuring himself in the process. The three young masters rushed towards his room when they heard the loud crashing sound and found him crouched down with a badly injured hand,” she explained and Yunho’s breath hitched.


“What were you thinking, Hyung?! You deliberately destroyed that expensive vase!”


“And you even injured yourself in the process!!!”


“The doctor said some of your wounds were pretty deep! Thankfully, nothing too serious. But still! Are you trying to worry us to death?!”

“Junsu, that’s enough,” Yoochun finally spoke, authority in his voice.

The younger man looked at his boyfriend, slightly guilty for nagging the injured man. “I’m sorry, Chunnie. I’m sorry, Jaejoongie-hyung.”

The beautiful man looked at his cousin and smiled. “It’s okay, Su. And I’m sorry, too, for worrying you guys.”

Yoochun sat beside his ‘soul mate’ who was sitting on the hospital bed as the latter’s wounds were still being treated by a doctor. “I heard what you two were talking about, Jae-hyung. Well, scratch that. More like what you two were shouting about.”

The young king sighed. “Forget it, Chun-ah. It doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter, Hyung! He just canceled your wedding!”

“WHAT?!” Junsu and Changmin almost screeched.

Yoochun glared at them from the side and mouthed ‘later.’ He turned back to his friend who was acting all indifferent with the situation, “Jae-hyung, please talk to me about it…?”

“Yoochun-ah, I don’t know how to talk about it. I don’t even know what to think about it. I’m… lost. I don’t know where I stand. No matter how I look at it, it’s just… over.” Jaejoong sighed once more. “I love him so much that I would never… I would never give him up over something like this. But I never thought that he thinks otherwise. I thought he loved me the same way as I do. And I was wrong.”

The younger man was about so speak up when the angel continued, “But I guess that was really it, huh? Those were what I thought. Those were what I wished for.”

“Jaejoong-hyung, I–” Yoochun was thinking of words to say – words to cheer the other up. But he couldn’t. It was the first time that his hyung looked so… lifeless. This was his soul mate he was talking to, he should know what to do or what to say. But he couldn’t. And it pained him because the other was hurting inside.

“–I don’t know what to say, Hyung. I really don’t know what to say.” He buried his face on the other’s shoulder, hold back his tears.


“Let me see him.”

“No can do, Princey-hyung.”

“I just want to talk!”

“Then, talk to me. I’m all ears.”

“Changmin-ah, do you want my fist to talk to you?” Yunho smirked.

“Oh, come on, Yunho-hyung. He’s asleep – give him a break. After you decided to give him a surprise by cancelling your own wedding, let him rest to celebrate it tomorrow,” the other sarcastically retorted and mentally gave himself a thumbs up seeing pain etch across the older man’s face.

“I didn’t rea–”

Junsu suddenly came out of the door behind the magnae – the door to Jaejoong’s room. “Minnie, Jaejoongie-hyung wants you to…” the young man’s voice died down in his throat once he saw Yunho in front of Changmin.

Not knowing what to do, he immediately called out for his boyfriend. “Ch-Chunnie!”

The said boyfriend lazily came out of the room, “What is it, Su?”

When he looked up, he found a shaking Junsu and a magnae with furrowed eyebrows. And he lowly growled when he saw Yunho with an expectant look.

“Min, Su, get inside. Look after Hyung for awhile. I’m going to have a little chat with Yunho-hyung.”


Yunho and Yoochun were walking around the palace garden with a tense atmosphere surrounding them.

The younger of the two decided to break the silence. “I’m going to be straight with you, Yunho-hyung. I’m very disappointed.”

“I’m sorry.” Yunho lowered his gaze. He feels downright guilty over his own stupidity. Being reprimanded by his dongsaeng was one thing. But hurting the feelings of the one that he loves? Now that’s the biggest mistake that he has ever done in his entire existence.

Yoochun sighed. “Hyung, I’m not the one you’re supposed to be apologizing to.”

“I know, but I–”

The younger stopped from his tracks and faced the other. “Hyung, look. I know you feel bad and all. But you shouldn’t have done that. Jaejoong-hyung has loved you since we were in middle school. He had to put up with hiding what his heart wanted to burst out for such a long time. And there you were, blind as usual.”

“But I liked him du–”

“That’s the point, Hyung. You even shout to the whole school that you like him! But don’t you see? He loves you and you like him! Like is entirely different from love. Like is something you can get over with within a day. Love is something that would bring you pain and hunt you till death.”

“I do love him now!” Yunho almost yelled.

“Then prove it. Show him that you really love him. Yunho-hyung, Jaejoong-hyung can no longer be the ever-so carefree angel we met back then. He’s now the king. Stress, pressure, expectations – name all the things that can break a person down into pieces and Jaejoong-hyung would be feeling all of them now that he’s under this nation’s scornful gaze.”

Yunho stayed silent, everything the other was telling him stabbed his heart like needles. He never thought about things that way. He forgot the fact that the other was a king and would receive double, even triple, of all the sufferings he had as the Crown Prince. And knowing how unprepared and fragile the other was, he can almost hear the angel’s pained cries.

“Yunho-hyung, he needs you. Now, more than ever. That angel needs someone to help him stand up before he’d be able to spread his wings and fly. Junsu, Changmin and I are not enough. You’re the one he’s waiting for to help him.”

Yunho looked up the window to his angel’s room and found his two dongsaengs watching them. They smiled at him and he smiled back as he heard the man beside him say ‘last chance – give it your best shot’.


Jaejoong’s senses awoke from the scent that his small nose was picking up. He fluttered his eyes open and found his bed covered with his favorite flower – white lilies. Beside his pillow was a note that read...

Good morning, Sunshine!.

Wakey-wakey, Sleeping Beauty~ ^o^.

I’m sorry about what I said. I wasn’t thinking. =’((.

Please let me make it up to you? I promise I’d be good! =333

Loving you more and more,

Only your Yunnie-bear =))

PS: I LOVE YOU!!! <333.

The angel smiled as he saw the prince’s note. He brushed his lips lightly on that piece of paper before taking a good look at his huge room. The carpeted floor was covered with white and red rose petals. Also, there was a small round table in the middle of the room with food on it.

He slowly got out of his bed as to not destroy any of the lilies and tiptoed towards the small table so he wouldn’t step on the petals scattered on the carpet. When he reached the table, he found breakfast on it as well as another note.

Let’s eat breakfast~!.

We have a big day today, so you have to eat up!

I helped in making some of these. But you know, Umma ended up doing all the work XD

I wouldn’t want a Jaejoongie with a tummy ache, would I? =(( Hehe.

Ok, you should start eating now.

Have a great day~!

Mwuah! ^o^

PS: White lilies are your favorite. White rose petals for how pure you are in my eyes and everyone else’s. And red rose petals for my undying love for you <333


The whole day passed and Jaejoong hasn’t seen the taller man. ‘I thought he was going to make it up to me… And he even made me wear this ridiculously formal white suit!’ he pouted.

Suddenly, he felt warm hands cover his eyes. “Yunho?” he called out.

When the hand was removed, the taller man was right in front of his eyes, smiling. The man pecked his lips and muttered a low ‘Sorry I’m late’.

Soon, he found himself being dragged by the said man out of his room towards the top of the huge grand stairs with rose petals scattered all over. He took in the look of the place and his breath came to a halt.

The wonderful chandelier in the middle of the ballroom was lighten up, providing a very elegant lighting over the room. There were guests looking up at them from below. And there were also reporters who were already taking pictures of the two dashing men. Of course, the ever-so-faithful YooSuMin was there, smiling at them, together with their parents.

“Everyone, may I please have your undivided attention?” the Crown Prince spoke and all the small chattering stopped. “Now, I invited everyone into this simple gathering to make everything clear. I, the Crown Prince Jung Yunho, was not seduced by the King Kim Jaejoong. And I am officially canceling the arrangement that our parents have made that involves the two of us getting married with each other.”

Everyone gasped and immediately started whispering about what the prince has just said.

“What the hell?!” YooSuMin shouted with their eyes wide open.

Jaejoong, startled as well, looked at Yunho whose face held no emotions. ‘What’s going on? I don’t understand. I thought I–I-’. He was already tearing up and as he was about to pull his hand away from the other, the man held on tighter. “Let go…,” he whispered.

Yunho looked at him with love in his eyes and knelt down on one knee.

The simple gesture made everyone turn their attention back to the two men on top of the stairs, confused as what the Crown Prince was up to.

“Now that there’s no more arrangement or what-so-ever, I want to ask you out of your own freewill,” Yunho said, eyes still locked with the beautiful man’s. “Kim Jaejoong, I love you. Not as the king, not as Han Youngwoong. But as the man who I grew up with, the man who took care of me and loved me since middle school. And also as the man who was able to put up with all my imperfections. Not to mention being able to control Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin whenever they’d annoy the hell out of anyone they’d set their eyes on just for the heck of it. So, Jaejoong, will you marry me?”

Everyone both ‘awww’ed and chucked at the young prince’s words.

“You do know that you’re about to be killed by those three after this, right?” Jaejoong smiled.

Yunho shrugged. “I know you’re going to protect me.”

“Don’t be so sure, My Prince.”

“Oh, I surely am your prince,” the said prince winked.

“Oh yeah?”

“Heck yeah,” he stood up on his feet.

“What if I don’t want you?” the beautiful man challenged.

“Then, I’d make you want me,” he leaned closer to the beautiful man’s face.

“How so?” Jaejoong can feel his cheeks heat up, anticipating what the taller was going to do.

“This…” Yunho’s lips were about to capture the other’s when…


Everyone turned their heads towards a certain duck butt and both Yoochun and Changmin face-palmed. ‘And he just had to ruin the moment…’

Jaejoong laughed at his cousin’s tomato-red faced before turning his attention back to the man in front of him. He wrapped his arms around the other’s neck before saying…

“I Will.”


note: ok, so this is the last part. i hope i didn't disappoint anyone with the ending... i did my best with this until the wee hours of the night >.< thanks to those who has read the first part up to this last. and sorry for the wait...

thank you!!!
and please leave a comment^^
love you all <333


Aaaah~~ finally they got married! \(^0^)/
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Ok, at least Yunho made up grandly for his stupid mistake. I hope from now on, he'll think before opening his big mouth. He's lucky Jae is such a forgiving sweetheart.

yep, such a forgiving sweetheart our angel Joongie is <333
thanks for reading!

finally~ at least Yunho's proposal is supa sweet, so I forgive his stupidity before :P
high five for Susu, u're my most fav haha xD

i was actually worrying whether i've made a fail with Su's cuteness.
but i guess you guys liked it :P

aww... Yunjae really deserve a happily ever after life

Yunho really need to control his anger, and his mouth.

Su-ah you're really lucky, you can witness YunJae cheesy greasy mushy moments... appreciate it ne~ better yet you can record it for us, the hopeless yunjae fangirl LOL

oh there are thousands of hopeless yunjae fangirls all over the world, not just you, bb^^

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thank you <333
i really tried my best, so i hope i didn't fail you guys =))

OMGSUN! I <333 it! XD Chu SWEET!

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a VERY cute party pooper XDDD

(Deleted comment)
I love it!! it's soooooo mushy!! and I LOVE IT!!! it's perfect and a very light-hearted read! I LOVE IT!!!

YooSuMin are adorable..

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YooSuMin are adorable... or aDORKably CUTE XPPP

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