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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

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I Found You (2/3)
Title: I Found You

Length: triple-shot (2/3)

Genre: romance, fluff, slight crack

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: Yunho has found out that the one arranged to be his wife was also the same boy from 15 years ago who was his first love. But after hearing that the young man, together with his family, was massacred, what is the young prince supposed to do? With the help of his best friend, Jaejoong, what would be the fruit of his search?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.


The five teenagers’ eyes widened and jaw dropped. Jaejoong pointed at himself, “M-Me???”

The old man smiled, “Who else, My Prince. Ah, it’s so good to finally have you back. We didn’t think that you were able to survive from that incident.”

The beautiful man had his head spinning. Him? The prince? That’s impossible. He was about to stand up from his seat when he felt his body sway and all he could see was black.


Jaejoong’s eyes fluttered, adjusting from the light that seemed to be directed at him.

“Jae? Are you feeling alright?”

The pale beauty’s sight cleared and found his best friend-slash-boyfriend’s face close to his. It was evident that the taller man was worried to the core. And that made him smile.

“I’m fine, Yunnie-yah.” Sitting up, he found his surroundings new yet familiar. “This is–”

“We’re back. You’re parents were very worried, so we immediately brought you home,” the other explained as he caressed the angel’s face.

“I see. God, Yun. I just had the weirdest dream and I was–”

“Prince Youngwoong.”


“It wasn’t a dream, Love. You are Prince Youngwoong,” Yunho smiled. He lightly kissed the stunned man’s lips. “My Youngwoong.”


The confused beauty sat in between his ‘umma’ and ‘appa’. They were explaining to him every single detail about the teenager’s identity. Although it was supposed to make him feel better, in only made him more and more confused.

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier, dear,” his umma apologized. Or maybe it was ‘foster’ umma.

“Please don’t be mad at us, son. Your father, His Majesty, foresaw the massacre that was about to take place. He knew that no one would be spared. That’s why he asked me, his assistant, to take you away from the palace. We raised you as ‘Kim Jaejoong’, which was the name your mother wanted us to call you. You were barely three years old. We did our best to give you a normal life although you deserve so much more,” his ‘foster’ appa explained.

Everyone was silent. They were waiting for the beautiful prince’s outburst. But nothing came. Was he in too much shock to utter a word?

“So,” Junsu started, “Jaejoongie-hyung is really not my cousin?”

“No, Junsu dear,” his aunt answered.

“Then, should I start calling him Youngwoong-hyung instead?”

Nobody answered. It was both hard for the angel and his foster parents to accept and face the truth. Fifteen years. For fifteen years, he was living a life that wasn’t even his as Kim Jaejoong. And suddenly becoming Han Youngwoong – he just didn’t know what to do.

“No, Su. I’m still your Jaejoongie-hyung,” Jaejoong finally smiled up at them. “I’m Kim Jaejoong. I’m not going to avoid the truth – I was Han Youngwoong. But Han Youngwoong died fifteen years ago. And he can’t just show up and claim himself to be alive overnight."

“Eh? Then how about Yunho-hyung’s marriage with Prince Youngwoong?” Changmin asked.

“Uh, Min-ah, I already accepted the fact that Youngwoong is dead, remember? So, I don’t really mind if Jae decides to stay as Jaejoong. He decides if we're still going through the arranged marriage,” Yunho smiled at Jaejoong, reassuring him.

“You may have chosen to no longer be Han Youngwoong, but you will still be receiving the inheritance that the late King and Queen has left for you and take over the throne,” the beauty’s appa told him.

“I-I can’t do it, Appa,” Jaejoong shook his head. “Han Youngwoong is dead! I’m Kim Jaejoong! I’m just a normal teenager and that’s just that!”

Mr. Kim sighed. He didn’t want to push his son to do anything he doesn’t like, but with their situation at hand, it was the right thing to do. “Son, you’re taking over the throne. No longer as Prince Youngwoong. But as King Jaejoong.”


“This is SBS News and we’re here right now in what used to be the palace of the royal Han family. Fifteen years ago–”

“–the long lost prince has showed up!”

“Many villagers who claimed to have served the royal family justifies this young man’s identity–”

“–take over the crown as the king.”

Sigh. Jaejoong flipped through a few more channels and sighed once more as he turned off the television. ‘I can’t believe this. They’re making a big fuss over someone who just suddenly came out of nowhere, claiming himself to be the supposed-to-be-dead prince.’

‘I thought my life can never be more complicated that it already was going to be, being the crown prince’s boyfriend and all. But now, I found out who I really am… or was… And I wasn’t even asking! Aish! Then, I have to take the throne, no longer be the prince that I never thought I was in the first place and be the king! A freaking KING!!! Hom am I–’

“Jae?” A voice called out and the beauty looked up towards the direction of the voice.

“Oh hey, Yunnie,” he nonchalantly greeted.

Yunho entered the other’s room and closed the door behind him. He approached the contemplating man on the bed and hugged him from the back. “My baby is thinking? What about?”

“I was just…,” Jaejoong trailed off. He turned around within the other’s hold and faced his lover. “Yunnie, do you think I can do this? I mean, not everyone wants me back in the picture.”

The young prince chuckled and kissed the latter’s forehead. “Don’t say that, Love. Surely, they do. And you can do this. You’re my baby and my baby can do anything he puts his mind into. May it be gaining the respect of millions of people or charming an awfully manipulating crown prince.”

“You’re cheesy and greasy, Yunnie-yah!” the other giggled. “But how am I supposed to rule a whole country when I can’t even make Vic or Jiji listen to me?”

“Hey, hey. You have me, Umma and Appa. We’re still the royal Jung family. And back then, Jung and Han ruled this country side by side. Now that the prince’s one-and-only is going to be the king of the other royal family, that’s all the more reason why we’re going to be there for the other royal. Plus, you can have Chun, Su and Min there. They’ll be able to help… I hope. And about Vic and Jiji… well, you treated them with so much love and care that they turned out to be spoilt brats. They think they’re your master.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened, “So, all this time, they were treating me as their pet?”

The Jung prince scratched his head. “More like their servant, actually…”he said and the other gasped.


A few months later...

The palace of the royal Han family has been renovated and the Kim family moved in there. Thinking that living in such a huge place with only him and his parents, not including the servants and butlers, he invited the Shim and Park family to live in with them, as well as his cousin together with his parents.

Even after the new king, together with his family and friends, had settled down in his palace, reporters would still swarm after him – not to mention paparazzi.

King Jaejoong, an unwanted child?

A teenager as the King?

Not competent enough to be on the throne?

The nation is doomed, all thanks to the new King?

He had to admit, and he has already known before, he was unwanted. Not by his family, as what the media claimed when they found out the story behind his foster parents, but by the nation. Some was still unable to accept it.

‘They just don’t know what you’re capable of doing yet,’ Yunho once said.

It was frustrating, really. But the current headline now was taking him to his wit’s end.

Crown Prince, seduced by the new King?

Prince, labeled as ungrateful because of soon-marriage with King Jaejoong.

Royal Jung Family, desperate for more power?

This is just to strengthen the monarchy’s power – Minister Go.

Jaejoong stood up from his seat and faced the lengthy windows of his room. His blood was boiling and sooner or later, he would have to burst.

A knock on the door woke him up from his stupor. “My King, His Majesty, Prince Yunho, has arrived.”

With that, the maid turned to her leave as the tanned man came into the other’s sight. He lightly closed the door before smiling cheekily at his now-fiancé. “Hey, baby. What’s up?”

“’What’s up’?! You dare to ask me ‘what’s up’ at a time like this?!” Jaejoong bursted out.

Yunho immediately ran to the other’s side, running soothing circles on the other’s back. But he was stopped when the other shook his hands away. “Baby, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

The furious man walked towards the table where the newspapers and the magazines were. He took a hold of them and threw them all on the carpeted floor. “This! This is what happened!”

Realizing what his lover was talking about, Yunho sighed. Jaejoong has always been freaked out whenever there would be news about him or his friends and family. But the headlines, talking about their soon-marriage, calling it the beautiful man’s seduction and desperation for power, just drew the line.

He sat on the bed and calmly said, “Look, Baby, we can fix this. Baby, you just–”

“Stop ‘baby-ing’ me at a time like this, Yun!”

“Okay! Just listen to me first, Jae. Everything will work out just fine. Just calm down. It’ll all just go away,” Yunho tried to persuade his angel.”

“Calm down?! Jung Yunho, this is getting out of hand! They’ve wronged me enough! They’ve made false rumors about my parents and they even involved Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin!!!”

Yunho abruptly stood up, eyes boring holes into Jaejoong’s. “You know what’s getting out of hand? It’s you. You just keep on screaming when you’re this frustrated. Do you think you’re the only one being discriminated here?!” he yelled.

“And now you're putting the blame on me?! I’m not saying that I’m not the only one fighting this battle! All I’m saying is that I’m tired of this! Innocent people are getting too involved! They even called your parents desperate!!! How dare they!!!”

“And I’m tired of you!!! Stop being so childish and face this with your head held high! You’re a king, for Christ’s sake. Start acting like one!!!”

“I am acting like one! You’re the one who does nothing here! You just sit there and watch as everything unfolds right in front of your eyes!”

“Then, fine! You do all the work and I’m not going to get in your way! And you know what, let’s just forget about that damned marriage. You wouldn’t want to marry someone who only relies on you, would you?!”

That statement froze Jaejoong’s boiling blood. “What?”

“I’m not going to marry you. I’m calling the wedding off! So, goodbye and good riddance!”

“Wait! Yunho!”

Yunho stormed out of the palace and drove his car away, speeding. His mind was going haywire. It affects him too much whenever the other would burst out of frustration. He understood the stress Jaejoong must be feeling, but he thought that everything would be alright in time. It’s not like there’s anything they could do with whatever the media would throw at them.
Once he was calm enough and could think straight, he found himself in the security of his own room. He sat on his bed and started contemplating on what just happened back in the other’s mansion. Seriously, he should learn how to speak, act and think at the same time. Because he always ends up regretting whatever he does and say.

“Okay… So, I came into his room and he was frustrated…” he mumbled to himself.

“And I’m tired of you!!! Stop being so childish and face this with your head held high! You’re a king, for Christ’s sake. Start acting like one!!!”

“Then, fine! You do all the work and I’m not going to get in your way! And you know what, let’s just forget about that damned marriage. You wouldn’t want to marry someone who only relies on you, would you?!”

“I’m not going to marry you. I’m calling the wedding off! So, goodbye and good riddance!”

Yunho’s almond-shaped eyes widened as he recalled his own words.

“Oh, shit!"


note: this is part 2... sorry guys, it's a bit fail >///< and there's a part 3, but i'm still working on it, sorry.

thanks for reading!!! ^__^

and please leave a comment^^ if you don't mind, please tell me a little suggestion on how this would go. part 3, hopefully, would be the last part XDDD


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part 2!!! :)
omo yunho, you really should think b4 you speak!!!
hope joongie not mad..
waiting 4 d part 3

i'll do my best with part 3.
thank you for reading!

Aigoo yunnie yah, u had to remember back what u said?? Aishhh

i guess a lot of you guys are disappointed with Yun XDDD
thanks for reading^^

ahaha! this reminds me of My Princess where Lee Seol didn't know that she was a princess.

oh really?
well, i hope you liked it^^

Just read both parts.

Sigh, Yunho and his big mouth. He really should learn to shut up, think first then only open his mouth. It'll come to a day when he just might not be able to take back his hurtful words just by apologising.

If I'm Jae. I'll be bloody pissed. The first time is ok, but what he just say while calling off their wedding is seriously too much. I know Jae was frustrated and keep complaining, but Jae never blamed Yunho. He was only voicing his frustration to his lover and he was even feeling bad for Yunho's parents >.< What Yunho said was seriously out of the line.

Edited at 2011-04-11 07:57 am (UTC)

i agree with you there.
*sigh* i guess everyone's disappointed with Yun...

anyway, thanks for reading^^

OMO yun you should think first before you speak
now see what you have done.. pabo yunnie!!!

thanks for commenting^^

Woah...part 2... Thanks 4 this... N my gosh Yunho... Why oh why did u said that? Sigh... Waiting for the next part :)

sorry for the wait.
and please look forward to the last part^^
thank you!

ya, it's about time Yunho learn his lesson, but then again, our sweet Jae who has been in love with Yunho for the longest time will definitely forgive him, nae?

Waaaaaa.. Jung yunhooo.. Watch your mouth.. (><)
I hope everything will be alright on next chap..
Update soon please ^^

i'm going to post it right now^^

(Deleted comment)
thank you for reading^^


Yunho's always effing things up..

Jaejoong's just frustrated..with his new 'job'/status..and all these rumors..and people are getting hurt around him..<3 Fighting!

thanks for reading <3

Haha he didn't even realize he called his own wedding off! Hahaha make him grovel and beg! Poor joongie is under so much pressure... Sighs... But he'll prove his worth in due time:)

*glares at Yunho*
where did your brain go?
but then again, he is probably frustrated too
but STILL :P
can't wait for the next part

i have posted the last part.
i hope you'd like it XD
thank you!

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