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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

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I Found You
Title: I Found You

Length: triple-shot (1/3)

Rating: PG

Genre: romance, fluff, slight crack

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: Yunho has found out that the one arranged to be his wife was also the same boy from 15 years ago who was his first love. But after hearing that the young man, together with his family, was massacred, what is the young prince supposed to do? With the help of his best friend, Jaejoong, will he be able to let go?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

“You do it.”

“Aw, come on! Help me on this.”

“There’s no way I’m doing it.”

“But Jaejoongie, he HAS to be alive.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I can feel it. He’s alive!”

“What are you – his mother or something?”

Yunho only pouted at the incredulous look that his best friend threw at him. Although he’s a prince, acting incredibly childish is what he loves to do. Especially around Jaejoong and his other close friends.

A knock on the door was heard and the butler came in, announcing the arrival of their other friends. With that, three men came into the room and made their way towards their two hyungs.

The youngest of the five asked the butler to bring in some snacks as if he was the prince himself. Well, it’s not like anyone cared. The Prince Yunho, himself, gave some rights to his friends to feel at home and the royal servants were more than willing to fulfill their prince’s wishes.

Seeing the pout on the prince’s face, one of the three newcomers only shook his head as he approached the bed. Sitting down, he turned towards the taller man. “What’s wrong, Princey?”

Hearing the pet name his friend used on him, Yunho pouted even more and folded his arms on his chest. “Don’t call me that, Yoochun-ah.”

“Sorry, Hyung. I can’t help it!” Yoochun laughed.

“But seriously, Yunho-hyung, are you and Jaejoongie-hyung fighting again?” Junsu asked with his eyes on the the prince’s big screened television as the game that he had put on was about to start.

Yunho was about to explain himself when a knock was once again heard. It was one of the maids, bringing in the snacks that the youngest has request. “Please excuse me, My Prince and Dear Young Masters.”

Once the maid was out of site, Changmin started feasting on the snacks. But not before he invited his hyungs to join him.

“So, back to the topic. What’s with you two, Prince-hyung? We can hear the bickering from the hallway,” Changmin pointed out as he munched on some vegetable salad.

“Well, Jaejoongie doesn’t want to help me out!” Yunho whined.

“Why should I help you?! You’re asking for the impossible!” the beautiful man retorted.

“It’s not impossible! I know we’ll be able to find him!”

“It has been, like what? Fifteen years? Get over it!”

“No way! I won’t! I’ll find him and you’ll help me!”

“I don’t want to!”

“You’ll help me!”


“Yes, you are!”

“No is no, Jung Yunho. And that’s final!”

“I order you to do so!”

“I’m not your servant!”

“Yes, you are!”

With Yunho’s last words, the four teenagers looked at him in disbelief. Yunho took a few seconds before what he has said sunk in. And oh boy, how badly he wants to take it back.

“Yunho-hyung, you seriously didn’t mean that,” Yoochun gaped.


“As you wish, Your Majesty,” Jaejoong said coldly, emphasizing how he addressed the young prince. He stood up from his seat on the bed, grabbed his bag on the floor and made his way towards the door.

“J-Jaejoong! Wait! I didn’t mean it! I– ” the prince called out but immediately stopped when his best friend glanced at him from the shoulder.

“We’re going tomorrow. Chun, Su, Min, you guys are coming with us. And I’d entrust all the other necessary arrangements on you, Your Majesty. Goodnight.” He left the room and gracefully walked out of the palace, promising himself to never step inside that place again.


Once Jaejoong reached home, he was called by his parent to the living room. His parents were on the sofa, patiently waiting for him. He hugged his father while he kissed his mother’s cheek, greeting them.

“How was your day, son?” his father asked.

“It was… okay, I guess.”

“Well, dear, Junsu called awhile ago. He was asking if you were alright…” his mother informed him.

“I’m fine, Umma. I’ll just be upstairs, in my room. You know, homework. And I already ate, so have dinner without me.”

He made his way towards his room and locked the door once he was inside. “Stupid Prince,” he mumbled as his back slid against the door.


“You guys are cousins. Talk him out of it.”

“I can’t. It’s Jaejoong-hyung we’re talking about here. Once he made the decision, he’d stick to it no matter what.”

“Su’s right, Minnie. Jae-hyung is really stubborn.”

“Then… Aish! I don’t want him to do this!” Changmin walked ahead of his two hyungs, stomping his way towards an empty can on the street before kicking it.

“Chunnie… what are we going to do? If we let Jaejoongie-hyung do this, he’d only break his own heart,” Junsu whispered to his boyfriend.


The youngest suddenly turned around, facing them. Although it was already dark out, they noticed that his face was red with both anger and frustration.


‘Oh, great. Of all the people, the magnae was the one who exploded,’ Yoochun mentally smacked himself while Junsu gasped.


Prince Yunho has made the arrangements for their trip that evening. The five of them being excused from the university for one to two weeks, a private jet, car, money, food, hotels, and even the location of the places which he thought would most likely lead him to where his first love was. He even talked with his friends’ parents.


For the first week of their search, Yunho had received countless negative results. Villagers who live near the old castle that was once a majestic one strongly believed that the young prince has died together with his family.

“It was a massacre, after all. So nobody would’ve survived,” one of them said.

“Nobody survived. I saw them all get killed,” an old lady who claimed to be a servant in the palace.

“The little boy… he was only around three back then. Poor thing.”

“I heard he wasn’t killed,” an old man said.

Yunho’s heart raced with that. Is it… possible?

“…But they said he killed himself, afterwards. The trauma of seeing everyone dying in front of him – it must have been unbearable…”

And the young prince’s hope was shattered once more.

“And he was such a pretty boy… alabaster skin, sparkling doe-eyes, rosy lips… your friend there kinda reminds me of him, though,” the old man pointed out and everyone turned to look at Jaejoong who was playing with some kids.

“If I wasn’t the prince’s butler and didn’t know any better, I’d think he’d be the prince.”

With that said, something clicked in Yunho’s head. “Sir, you said you’re the prince’s butler, right?” he asked and the old man nodded. “Then, is there some kind of, I don’t know, anything that only Youngwoong knows or can do?”

“As far as I can remember, he plays the piano quite well and perfectly played a piece that only the royal family knows.”

“What song is it?” Yoochun voiced out.

“The young prince said it was ‘Wasurenaide’. It’s Japanese and it means ‘Don’t Forget’.”

“Do you have a copy of its piece?” Junsu inquired this time.

“I’m sorry. There was no piece in the first place. It was been passed down through their generations by directly playing it on the piano.”


Changmin yawned as he flopped himself down on the bed. They had been walking all day. Who wouldn’t get tired from that?

As he was about to close his eyes, he noticed the beautiful man on the bed beside his. The other was staring through the windows into nothingness. Throughout the whole search, the older man rarely spoke, especially to Yunho. And if he did, he’d be talking to the latter in such a formal way that he sounded like they were strangers. Or even worse, like they were master and servant.

Yunho threw tantrums everywhere whenever that happened. He wanted to apologize, but the other didn’t let him do so. He’d usually cut his sentence, change the topic or even avoid him. Truly, it was frustrating.

But what can the angel do when his heart wouldn’t stop bleeding as they were in search of the one person the prince loved. And whenever Yunho would be greatly affected by a new information, may it be good or bad, one thing would get clearer and clearer in his mind: The prince, Jung Yunho, would never look at the commoner, Kim Jaejoong, the same way he’d look at the other prince, Han Youngwoong.

“-ung? Hey, Hyung!”

Jaejoong snapped out of his thoughts and turned around, facing his dongsaeng who was supporting his weight with his elbows.

“I’ve been calling you for awhile now.”

“I-I’m sorry, Minnie-ah.”

“Jaejoong-hyung, do you want to talk about it?” the youngest offered. Although Changmin was the youngest out of the five of them, he’d usually be the one who’s most sensible. He was the one who’d usually think before speaking or before doing anything rash. After all, he’s no genius for nothing.

Jaejoong shook his head and smile at his dongsaeng. “It’s alright. I don’t really need comforting.”

“Are you sure?” a third person spoke.

Looking up, they found both Yoochun and Junsu by the door, cuddling each other close.

“I mean, it’s Changmin who’s offering. Why not grab the chance, hyung?” Yoochun added.

Jaejoong stood up from his bed, motioning for the YooSu couple to occupy his bed as he made his way towards Changmin’s. He lied down on the bed, using his dongsaeng’s back as his pillow.

The couple happily obliged when Jae offered his bed. They both settled on the beautiful man’s bed, still cuddling with each other.

“Well, you two are awfully sticky today,” Changmin commented.

“Sticky? What do you mean?” Junsu asked.

“He meant that you two are too… um… affectionate with each other,” Jaejoong explained, looking that the couple’s direction.

Junsu looked at his cousin, “Is that bad, Hyung?”

“No, Su. It isn’t.” Jaejoong lightly pinched the Changmin’s pinched that earned him a small ‘ouch’. He then reached his hand towards the latter’s. Seeing his hyung’s hand reaching for his, the youngest immediately wrapped his long fingers on the older man’s.

“You know, you two can pass as lovers,” Yoochun informed.

Looking at what his lover was eyeing, Junsu smiled and nodded. “Yeah, you two really complement each other. A match made in heaven, perhaps?”

Both Changmin and Jaejoong laughed at their two friends.

“Maybe,” they said in unison and laughed even more when the couple on the opposite bed gaped on them as if they grew second heads.


Yunho walked into the room and only to find his four friends already there and chatting away. He was about to join them when he saw how his best friend reached out for the magnae’s hand as the latter instantly wrapped his own on the former’s.

“You know, you two can pass as lovers,” Yoochun informed.

'What? Lovers?'

“Yeah, you two really complement each other. A match made in heaven perhaps?” Junsu added.

‘Are they crazy? If you call that ‘complement each other’, then what would you call how me and Jae gets along? I know we’d surpass this ‘match made in heaven’ you’re talking about, Su. And that holding hands, when Jae and I are doing it, it’d be as natural to do as breathing.’

Both Changmin and Jaejoong laughed. “Maybe,” they said in unison before laughing again.

'Maybe?' Yunho’s jaw dropped.


Yunho walked out of his room with a heavy heart and a pounding headache. It was already late and he can’t bring himself to sleep although his body was screaming for the bed.

‘I don’t really know why it keeps bothering me, but it really does. Why didn’t they just say ‘no’ directly? Why did they have to say ‘maybe’ as if there really was something going on between them? Perhaps they… Argh. Yunho, dammit. Stop thinking about it. There’s no way that there’s really something. Because if there was, Jaej would’ve told you! Aish. But why am I feeling this way? My heart is aching… It hurts…’

He was about to go back to his room when he heard someone playing the piano from the living room. He walked towards the room and found Jaejoong playing it. The beautiful man’s pale skin seemed to glow under the luminous lights provided by the moon outside the window. He looked like an angel in such an ethereal beauty that neither god nor goddess could compare.

Other than the beautiful angel in front of him, the young prince also took notice of the wonderful piece that the man was playing. It was unfamiliar, but it was undoubtedly soothing and calm – something that you’d usually hear in a jewelry box.

When the piece ended, Jaejoong took a deep breath and looked up. But never did he expect to find Yunho staring at him.

“W-What are you doing here?” Jaejoong stuttered.

“I-I couldn’t sleep and I heard you playing,” the young prince explained.

The beautiful man sighed and stood up from his seat on the piano’s bench. “You should go back to you room, Your Excellency,” he said before seating himself on the couch in the middle of the room.

Yunho sat beside his friend, determined to apologize to the other man and set things right. “Look, Jae, I know I’m ill-tempered–”


“Yeah, very. And I sometimes speak without even thinking–”

“Always,” the slightly older man corrected.

“Fine, always. But please forgive me already. I didn’t mean it, swear! It really hurts me that you’re avoiding me like this and even address me as the prince,” Yunho sighed.

“But you are the prince, Yunho-yah.” Jaejoong looked up at his best friend and saw the sincerity on the man’s eyes. As always, he can never bring himself to hate the man before him.

“But Jaejoongie, Jung Yunho is your best friend. Not Prince Jung Yunho,” the taller whined.

Jaejoong chuckled. “Is that so? Then, I guess I love this Prince Jung Yunho more. He’s rich!”


The prince started tickling his best friend as the other was struggling away from the other’s hands. Both were laughing happily.

After a round of their little ‘tickling battle’, Jaejoong had his back on the sofa while Yunho was on top of him with the latter’s face on his chest, both panting.

“That was… the worst tickling… I’ve ever had!” the panting beauty managed to say.

“I know, right?” the prince chuckled as he lifted himself up to look at the other.

The shorter man was about to retort back when all his words died down with the sight of Yunho’s flushed face only inches from his. All he could do was to stare at the other’s face and silently admire the handsome prince’s small face.

But he wasn’t the only one. Yunho was also staring at the other’s flushed face. And he couldn’t deny that the sight of the other man sprawled on his back, face flushed and panting was turning him on.

Slowly, the prince dipped to claim the other’s lips. And he found himself intoxicated. The other’s lips were soft and sweet and his scent was like a drug – he couldn’t get enough with it. Soon, their tongues were tangled in a dance, slow and erotic.

“W-Wait…Y-Yun–hah…” Jaejoong felt the taller man’s tongue trail down to his neck. The other bit and sucked on a spot on his neck.

“Jae? What is it?” the other stopped and asked.

Jaejoong cupped his best friend’s face and pulled the other up, leveling their faces. “We-We can’t do this,” he sighed.

“W-why? Don’t you want me to?”

“It’s not that, Yun. But, you’re going to marry that prince, remember?”


“Yes, Prince Youngwoong.”

“But Joongie, he’s dead!”

“Eh? But weren’t you the one who wanted to find him? You even said that he’s alive even though nobody thought so!”

“Looking for him was just an excuse to get away from university and spend some time with you,” Yunho grinned.

“Yah! So you planned all this?! You-You–”

“I love you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened. “W-What?”

“I love you. And you love me back,” the other smiled.

“H-How did you know? When did you find out?”

“I don’t know. Lucky guess?”

“Yah! You tricked me!”

“But I really do love you. Youngwoong might be my first love. But you’re my last and only love, Kim Jaejoong.”

With that, the prince kissed the love of his life and they went back to their ‘business’ in Yunho's room.


“So… You two made up, talked about things, confessed to each other and did ‘it’ all in just one night?”

“For the nth time, Changmin-ah. Yes!”

“But Yunho-hyung, I can’t believe you planned all this in the first place,” Junsu said.

“I didn’t even know he was capable of thinking of a plan that would actually work,” Changmin mumbled.

Yoochun cleared his throat, “Anyway, what’s with all these food? There’s like twenty dishes here.”

“It reminds me of eating back in the palace,” Yunho commented.

Then, the villagers entered the dining area and kneeled down. The old man was the one in front and was smiling at the teenagers. “I never thought I’d live to see the day that I’ll be seeing you again. Welcome back, My Prince.”

The four teenagers and looked at one another before pointing at Yunho.

“Are you talking about him?” Jaejoong spoke.

“No, no.” He walked towards the beautiful man seated between Yunho and Changmin, took the other’s hands in his and bowed. “I’m so happy that you’re alive… Prince Youngwoong.”



note: ok... so, i hope everyone got the story XD if not or not really, then please do say so and i'd be happy to make a part 2^^ oh, do you guys want a part 2? XD

thanks for reading!!! ^__^

and please leave a comment^^


ninja...hoho...yay..it's gonna be royal wedding ..haha

my first reader!!!
thanks for reading^^

but i hope there is part two.
wanna see their reaction :)

then i guess i'd be making a part 2 then XD
thanks for reading!

i love this , pls make part 2

ok, i will.
any suggestions for part 2's content?

Love this.. N yes, please make the second part... :)

i will^^
please look forward to it =))
thank you for reading!

U must make part 2
It's kinda look like clify for me...
Oh i want to know jae reaction and how can he doesnt remember..

alright, i will ^^
thanks for reading =333

hahahahas . homgs really wanna see their reactions :DDDDD

please wait for part 2.
thank you!

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i like the part when you mentioned SuJu's Marry U <3
and yes, i will make a 2nd part.
so please look forward to it.
thank you too^^

need part 2 desperately....

oh, haha.
please wait for it~
hehe. thanks for reading!

cute hhahahahaha.. reflecting thing that Yunho did was super nice!! !hhahhaha... part 2 please... thanks!

OMG! I love this!
I wanttt part 2, tehehe.. Sankyu for sharing~

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never underestimate leader-ssi XD
thanks for reading!

Love this~
Yun isn't as stupid than I thought XD
Part 2 please?? :)
Thx for sharing~

part 2, i'm about to start making it^^
i'll be able to post it later this day or tomorrow.
sorry to make you all wait for part 2.
i never thought you guys would want one!
thanks for reading^^

Oh, yes! Please a second part!
Prince Jae! *o*
I´d love read the sequel!

thanks for reading^^
and please look forward to part 2^^
and i apologize 'cause i can't write smut >///

yeah part 2 please~~
hehehe can't wait for it

a part 2 will be nice! Thanks for sharing and also if you decide to go with part 2 maybe you could give yunho a bit of hardship for making joongie hurt on his plan.

i can't guarantee you about yun having that hardship, though.
but we'll see^^
thanks for reading.