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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

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No Longer Your Lover
Title: No Longer Your Lover

Length: oneshot

Genre: drama, romance, fluff

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: When Yunho decided to breakup with Jaejoong, the latter was left heartbroken. What makes it worse was that the former’s parents asked him to be the wedding singer for his ex-lover’s upcoming wedding. What will Jaejoong do, knowing that he can’t refuse his supposed-to-be in-laws with that last request?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“I’m sorry…”

“No! Tell me this is all a lie, Yun! You can’t do this!”

“Jae, I can’t. My parents... They–”

Jaejoong scoffed and turned, his back facing his lover. “You parents, huh? Why did you, all of a sudden, decide to obey them?!”

The taller of the two looked up only to hang his head back down, sighing. “Let’s break up…”

Turning around, wide-eyed, the beauty started tearing up. “You can’t do this… Please…”

Yunho instantly embraced the shorter man as he, himself, tried to stop his tears from falling. “I don’t want to do this either, Jae. But I really can’t. I have to marry her. This is what Appa wants…”


“Appa, please reconsider,” Jung Jiyul plead for the nth time to her father.

After hearing the news, Jiyul was one of the people who first opposed her own father’s decision. She knew how much her brother loved a certain Kim Jaejoong. She would be all too willing to give her blessings to the couple if they were the ones who are to be married. But after hearing that her father has arranged someone else to be her brother’s bride, she just can’t accept it.

“Jiyul, are you questioning your own father’s decision?,” her mother asked with her slightly raised voice.

The young teenager stopped from her pacing and looked at both her parents. “No. I’m just asking Appa to reconsider his false decision, Umma!”

“Don’t you dare raise your voice on me, young lady!”

“Tsk. Whatever. I’m out of here,” she said as she left the room, leaving her parents alone to themselves.

The head of the Jung family sighed and shook his head, understanding the current chaos that he has created.

“When will you tell them?” Mrs. Jung asked her husband as she sat herself down on the couch.

“Tell them what?”

“That you mean no harm? That you planned all this to teach your son this ‘important lesson in life’ that you keep on talking to me about?”

Mr. Jung chuckled, slightly amused with the way his wife was still siding on him when it was plain clear that what he’s doing to the young couple was wrong. “Let us not tell them. Don’t forget, this is a lesson where Yunho has to choose between what his family wants and what his heart wants.”


“I’m going…”

“Take care…”

Jaejoong and Yunho were standing by the door; with the latter holding a bag full with his own clothes and the former was wearing a robe, covering the fresh love bites which are also the last ones that Yunho would be giving him.

Yunho was about to twist the knob when the beautiful man suddenly hugged him on the waist. “I love you… I love you…,” the shorter man whispered.

The taller of the two turned around and cupped Jaejoong face, kissing from his forehead down to his quivering lips. “I love you more. So much more, Jaejoongie. I’m so sorry.”

They shared a sweet, passionate kiss that says it all. From ‘I love you’ to ‘goodbye.’

But the kiss was cut short when the door bell started ringing.

Being the one closer to the door, Yunho opened it only to be greeted by his own parents.



“Yes, dear. You.”

“B-But, Umm– Mrs. Jung, I can’t!”

Mrs. Jung’s face suddenly fell with Jaejoong’s sudden formality. A few years ago, she had asked the young man to call her ‘umma’ and call Mr. Jung ‘appa’. But recalling the current circumstances, she has to put up with the formality that the beauty is showing.

“Yes, you can, dear. You have a very angelic voice. It would definitely be our pleasure if you’d sing at Yunho and Ara’s wedding!” Mrs. Jung insisted.

“Mrs. Jung… I…”

“Umma, that’s enough. Let’s not push–”

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

Yunho looked that Jaejoong as if the latter just grew a second head. “No, Jae! You–”

“It’ll be fine, Yun. Consider this as my wedding present for you and your wife,” Jaejoong forced a smile.

The taller only looked at him with sorrow in his eyes while his parents could only stare at each other in disbelief.


“What are you trying to do, Appa?! Make him suffer?!” Yunho roared at his father once they stepped inside the Jung residence.

“Jung Yunho, calm down!” Mrs. Jung cried out.

“No, Umma! This is getting out of hand! I already agreed to marry Ara! What more do you want?! I’ll do anything! Anything you want! Just don’t hurt Jaejoong this way! No, don’t hurt him at all!”

“Son, I am not trying to hurt Jaejoong,” Mr. Jung calmly answered.

“Then, what are you trying to do?! Tell me, Appa! TELL ME! THIS IS ALL YO–” Yunho was cut from his outburst. His mother has just slapped him. Hard.

Mrs. Jung was already crying and he didn’t even realize it. “Yunho, get a hold of yourself. That is your father whom you’re talking to.”

With that, Yunho himself started pouring his heart out. Crouching down the carpet, he started crying like a child, whispering ‘I’m sorry’ non-stop.


A few days before the wedding day, Jaejoong was invited by Mr. and Mrs. Jung to have lunch with them before proceeding to the tailor to get his measurements.

“Umma–ahem–Mrs. Jung, I don’t really need a new suit. I still–“

“Oh, come on, Jaejoong dear. You need a new one, trust me.”


“No more buts. After you finish your food, we’re going to the tailor. So eat up!”


“Hyung, are you sure?”

“Yes, I am, Junsu.”

Junsu bit his lips, slightly nervous and agitated. “Are you–”

“Are you okay with it?” This time, it was Yoochun who asked.

Jaejoong sighed, a sad smile on his lips. “There’s nothing we can do…”

“Yes, there is! You can–”

“What song are you going to sing?” Again, Yoochun cut Junsu from saying anymore. He knew that the younger man was against Jaejoong’s decision, accepting the role as the wedding singer. But his opinion was not what his soul mate needed. What the beautiful man needed was comfort and understanding. And love.

Jaejoong thought for awhile, not sure if he has really made up his mind on the song. “I was actually considering ‘Hug’. What do you think?”

“Yeah, that’d be good. But how about something much more… mature?” Yoochun suggested as he rolled his eyes, seeing how childish Junsu was acting since they started ignoring him.

“Mature? Well, I guess you’re right. But it has to fit the theme. ‘Getting married’.”

“That’s right. How about… Taxi? Wasurenaide? Love in the Ice? Lovin’ You? Forever Lo–”

“ACTUALLY, Chun,” Jaejoong stopped his soul mate before he starts suggesting Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou and Stand by U. “I kinda wrote a song for the wedding.”

“What song?” Both Yoochun and Junsu asked.


Walking down the aisle, Yunho couldn’t take his eyes off the beauty near the piano by the altar. The man was wearing a black suit just like the rest of the best men inside the church. And for the nth time that day, he wished that the beauty was his bride instead of the woman who’s about to walk down that very aisle in a few minutes.

When he reached the altar, he heard Yoochun whisper to Jaejoong to get ready and the bride will soon come out. With that said, the beautiful melody created by the piano filled the vicinity, accompanying the angelic voice that only the man that he treasures the most possess.

“What song is this? Is this sung by a new artist or something?” Changmin whispered to Junsu.

“No, idiot. And of course, it’s new to the ears. Jaejoong-hyung wrote it for today.” Junsu whispered back.

“What? He wrote this? This is pure genius.”

“ I know, right?”

“What’s the title?”

“*Boys’s Letter.”

The two continued to whisper with each other about the wonderful song, oblivious to the eavesdropping groom in front of them.

‘Jaejoong-ah, did you really? Did you really write this? I love this song. I can feel your heart and your very soul in it. And it’s piercing my heart oh so beautifully. I’m so sorry, Boo. I love you.’


“Do you, Go Ara, take this man, Jung Yunho, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love, to honor and to keep him as long as you both shall live?” the priest asked.

“I do,” Ara answered softly.

Then, the priest turned to Yunho and asked “Do you, Jung Yunho, take this woman, Go Ara, to be your lawfully wedded wife? To love, to honor and to keep her as long as you both shall live?”

Everyone stared at Yunho, anticipating his answer. Of course, all the guests and witnesses knew about Jaejoong and Yunho being lovers. It was a total shock for them to be invited to Yunho’s wedding with someone else – a woman, to be precise. Yunho was unable to answer the question which made the priest ask him for the second time.

Jaejoong, on the other hand, subtly stood up from his seat – not wanting to catch the guests’ attention. He just can’t take it. Yunho being wed to someone, it’s just painful. He walked on the sides, already heading out the front door.

“I-I’m sorry,” Yunho said. This made Jaejoong stop from his tracks and the guests to gasp while Yunho’s parents, together with Ara’s, smiled in relief. “I can’t marry you, Ara-ssi. I just – The one I treasure the most…” Yunho looked towards the door where Jaejoong was standing and continued, “is you, Jaejoong-ah. I love you. You’re the one I want to marry.”

The groom immediately ran from the altar to where Jaejoong was and embraced him. “I love you. I love you. I’m really sorry. It can’t be if it’s not you. It has to be you,” he whispered.

Everyone ‘awww’-ed from the scene before them. But it was short-lived as a certain bride started bitching…

“Well, it’s about time, Jung Yunho! And how dare you even make me wear this stupid itchy dress! Argh!” Ara yelled from the altar.

Everyone looked at her with a what-the-hell look as she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “What?”

Mr. Jung chuckled as he stood up and faced everyone with a satisfied smile. “I guess I owe you all an explanation?”



“You got the right, old man!”

It suddenly turned dead-silent with their eyes on Junsu. “Sorry, got carried away,” Junsu apologized.


“So, it turned out to be Jaejoong-hyung and Yunho-hyung’s wedding, huh?” Changmin smirked as his lips touched the champagne glass.

“Yeah, totally weird. But I’m not complaining,” Yoochun smiled as looked at the happy couple on stage, dancing.

“I just hope we were informed of the sudden changes. All the gifts here are ‘To Jung Yunho and Go Ara’. Great (being sarcastic),” Junsu complained as he rummaged through the piles of gifts for the newlyweds.

As Mr. Jung explained, the wedding was to make Yunho realize what he treasures the most. To make Yunho go against him, his own father, and follow what his heart is telling him. To make Yunho choose the path (or rather, person) that would lead him to where he’d truly find happiness.

He even admitted the part where he conspired with Go Ara and her family, knowing that they’d be all too willing to help out with his plan. A part of the plan was to get Jaejoong’s measurements. The measurements were used not to only make a suit for Jaejoong as the wedding singer, but also a suit for him as the bride – a white silver-ish suit the made the bride even more stunning that he already was in the black one.


“This whole thing… Ah~ I don’t know what to think of it, Yunho-yah!” Jaejoong said as he hid his face on his now-husband’s chest, flustered, as they were dancing.

Yunho chuckled, amused with his Boo’s actions. “Well, all I can say is…”

Jaejoong looked up, waiting for Yunho’s next words.

“I’m… no longer your lover,” Yunho smiled.

“I know. No longer am I, as well,” Jaejoong replied as he wrapped his arms around the taller man’s neck.

“I love you, my wife, Kim Jaejoong.”

“I love you too, my husband, Jung Yunho.”

And with those words, they sealed their bright and wonderful future with a kiss.

Life just can’t get any better than this.


*Boy’s Letter (trans) - http://iherocassie.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/lyrics-jyjs-new-song-boys-letter/

note: I heard that in Korea, when two couples get married, they'd still be keeping their own surnames/lastnames/family names. That's why I didn't use Jung Jaejoong or Kim Yunho :P and the site for the translation of Boy's Letter is not mine either. So the credits should go to the owner of the site =333 oh, and please comment ^^ thank you for reading!

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Nice conspiracy gyabooo :D it was sweet and beau and nice. Gosh I hope this would happen! I love this! ♡

this was cute.

appa jung ur an evil manipulating man whom i quite adore for showing yunjae how much they love each other. and now, in our not so perfect cassie world - because the perfect world be where they r all 5 together - this is wat sm is doing them: showing them how much they need each other. *Gets smacked*

LUV junsu's "got carried away" scene LOL LOL

well, i don't know about SM since, personally, i'm quite bitter with them. they are hindering JYJ from things... and yeah.
thanks for reading!

(Deleted comment)
did Mr. Jung fool you? XD
i tried my best to show Su's cute side...
but it was a bit lacking, i think...
thanks for reading, btw ^__^

it's kind off sweet.. nice works by the way!!

Awww so sweet~
Love it!!Thx for sharing :)

thank you!
and thank you for reading! =))

Yay ^_^ I'm glad it was their wedding :))))))
Thanks for writing bb <3333

thank you for reading ^///^

hehe ... sneaky mr.jung had confused everyone. well at least yunjae got their happy ending.

jae wrote boy's letter? wow so talented ...

thanks for sharing! :)

were you also fooled by Mr. Jung? ^^
not sure if Jae really was the writer of Boy's Letter...
but they did say that they worked so hard on making the new songs and that they wanted to express their own feelings and words through their songs...
so I think, yeah, he did write it. but there's no official statement that says so.
and Jae did write Pierrot and Nine, so he is already talented enough for the credit.
but it can also be Su or Chun who wrote Boy's Letter :P
anyway, thanks for reading^^

(Deleted comment)
awww that was sssoooo sweet >.< I completely love it!!!!

thank you for reading! =333

awwwwwwww~~ so sweet
right! yunho make the most right desicion, follow his heart n marry the one he love~~

love it~

love their new song too~~

oh, i love their new song/s too^^
thanks for reading~!

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I hope you don't mind me adding you and you wouldn't mind adding me back :D

I like the way you write :)

oh, i just read this today.
i'm so sorry...
um, yeah, i don't mind ^-^
and thank you for reading this.
i truly appreciate it.

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just like the one on your dp? ^-^

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