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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

I Found You (2/3)
Title: I Found You

Length: triple-shot (2/3)

Genre: romance, fluff, slight crack

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: Yunho has found out that the one arranged to be his wife was also the same boy from 15 years ago who was his first love. But after hearing that the young man, together with his family, was massacred, what is the young prince supposed to do? With the help of his best friend, Jaejoong, what would be the fruit of his search?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

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