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...I wAnT tO bE tRuE tO MySelF fOr YoUr SaKe...

♥♫♥yOu ArE mY lOvE_TVfXQ_yOu ArE mY SoUl♥♫♥

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Two Stages... One TVXQ...
Title: Two Stages… One TVXQ…

Length: oneshot

Genre: romance (?), drama (?), fluff (?)

Pairing: YunJae; slight YooSu

Summary: During the SMTown Live in LA, fans became impatient over the long wait for TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. What happened?

Author: geenjae

Disclaimer: They're not mine.

Warning: This is only a fanfic and the events only happened in my mind.

“Yunho-hyung, Changmin-hyung, it’s your turn in ten minutes.”

Both men groaned and reluctantly looked away from the screen of Changmin’s laptop, facing the man who called them. “GO AWAY,” they both said.


“Taemin-ah… please…” Yunho plead in a tired voice.

The younger felt a sudden wave of guilt hit him as he saw how pitiful his sunbae-slash-hyung looked. He, then, gave a slight nod and left the dressing room.

“So what did they say?” Minho asked.

“’Go away,’” the maknae of SHINee sighed.

“Hey! What did I do? I was just asking!”

“No, Hyung. They said ‘go away… please…’”

Minho parted his lips to say something but only closed them again to find nothing to say in his mind. He knew how much pain his two hyungs were in. Actually, they all knew how much pain they were in. It’s not that the older two said anything; they actually saw the pain in their eyes. They were also walking around the company building, from one office to another, like a zombie who is battery operated.

So far, all members of both Super Junior and SHINee have been keeping an eye on the other two. And sometimes, if the ‘coast is clear’, they’d also give one of the trio a phone call to see if they were fine, as well. The three boybands considered themselves as family, anyway.

“Let’s… tell Leeteuk-hyung?” Taemin suggested.

The older only nodded and went to the others who were in the backstage, either drinking from their water bottles or huffing their breaths off.

“Back already?” The man who spoke looked behind the two members of SHINee and searched with his eyes for two familiar men. “Where the hell are Yunho and Changmin?!” he yelled.


“Don’t ‘Chullie’ me, Choi Siwon! If those two are planning on ditching the stage, you’re going to go out there naked!”

“How did I get involved in your rage?” Siwon asked, stunned at what his lover said.

“Well, if you’re not going to shut up, then you will never get your sorry ass out of my wrath!” Heechul retored. He was definitely bothered by what his two friends were doing. He wants their concert to be a successful one, not a single glitch. But having the two members of the most popular and loved boyband of their entertainment company would not guarantee such success.

He was about to say something again when Leeteuk suddenly placed his right hand on his shoulder with a look that said ‘enough’. He took three deep breaths and calmed down before walking over to his lover. A low ‘I’m sorry’ was barely heard before the couple embraced each other.

“Did you see if it was starting already?” Leeteuk asked Taemin.

“No, it was still some other Japanese artist…”

“I see… Well it can’t be helped, right?” he smiled. He turned around and called for the rest of Super Junior and SHINee’s attention since they were the only groups on that side of the backstage. “Let’s cover for them.”



“Are you crazy?”

“How are we going to do that?”

“That’s nonsense.”

Leeteuk shook his head and said “I’m serious here, guys. We’ll cover for them. And, no, Sungmin-ah. I’m not crazy.” Everyone grew silent as the eldest kept silent, as well. They were waiting for him to voice out his idea on how to ‘cover’ for the other two.

Donghae, then, sighed and walked over to his leader with a serious look on his face. “Look, Leeteuk-hyung. We’re NOT Dong Bang Shin Ki. Cassiopeia… They’re asking for Dong Bang Shin Ki. But they’re only going to see U-Know and Max. That, alone, is unfair to them. And, us, being on stage instead of them would only frustrate them even more. Hyung, we definitely—”

“Do you trust me?” the older suddenly asked.


“Do you trust me?” he repeated.

“Of course, I do.”

“Then, trust me on this,” he smiled. “I know… I know that if Kangin was here, he’d be on my side. He’s the only one who’s on my side, Donghae-ah. But now that he’s not here, I want all of you to at least believe in me, just this once. I am no U-Know Yunho, the greatest leader in the history of the music industry. But please let me be the leader this time. If nothing good comes out of it, I’ll take responsibility!”

Leeteuk felt his eyes sting but decided to blink them off, holding back his tears. “They’re hurting. We all know that. So let’s ease them out of it even just for a little while. For sure, after the other three’s performance, they’ll be ready.”


♫I wanted to see only you♫

“Ah, it’s starting,” Changmin smiled.

♫I always wanted to see you♫

“My Jaejoongie…,” Yunho whispered.

♫I’m still embracing your everything~ Oh oh oh~
Allow yourself to smile, just for us
Certainly, light will still shine ahead of us♫

“Hyung, it’s starting already,” Jonghyun whispered as he was peeking through the slightly open door of U-Know and Max’s dressing room.

“Good. Now go on stage with the others. Let my members rest for a bit,” Leeteuk whispered back.

“Aye, aye.”

Once the younger left, Leeteuk smiled to himself and listen to the audio of the live broadcast that his two friends are watching inside the room.

♫Because I didn’t know what to say about this pain
I felt like throwing out the true words
But our love never changed while it was surely connected by an invisible bond♫

He heard Yoochun’s voice and engulfed himself into the melody that was being offered. ‘Hey, Yoochun-ah,’ he spoke mentally, ‘They miss you. Do you feel the same way? If you do, then do you also feel the same pain? That indescribable pain… would it be better to just let out all your frustrations so it will go away?’

♫If it was the path chosen by our hearts
We can walk any distance, now♫ ♫Thad day♫ ♫Better make it through the loneliness♫

♫Now, from our memories to continuations of our dreams
Why don’t we start searching for them together?♫

‘Junsu... There’s no way in hell I’m going to understand what you’re saying. But my heart wants me to tell you something. The path you chose was never the wrong one. Because it was what your heart chose. Surely, you’ll get to your destination. And you, Jaejoong and Yoochun won’t be alone. It’s just… Yunho and Changmin took the longer route, I guess? But they’ll be there. I know they will be. Their hearts will guide them to yours. Yours and theirs beat as one, after all.’

♫I wanted to see only you
I always wanted to see you
I came here to convey my feelings to you~ Oh oh oh~
I also endured the loneliness by just believing in you
Always, thank you
Because we have the feelings for each other♫

‘Jaejoong-ah~ Do you want to see Yunho-yah? How about your very tall son, Minnie-ah? Our Youngwoong Jaejoong… we miss your melodic voice, you know? When you get back, laugh for us, ok? We miss that adorable laugh that only you can make. Hey, are you lonely? But you’re still thankful? I don’t get it. You suddenly said ‘arigatou’. That’s the only Japanese word that I know! Get back soon, Jae, and teach me how to speak Japanese~!’

“Hyung! They’re waiting for you!”

Leeteuk woke up from his reverie, a little embarrassed that one of his dongsaengs saw him while he’s whining in his own world. “Y-Yes, I’m coming,” he said as he walked towards the backstage with the man who called him.

“You think I didn’t notice? Guess again.”

“Yah! Donghae-ah!” the older protested.

“I even took a picture of you and you didn’t notice!”

“What?! Delete it immediately!”

“I’m sending this to Kangin-hyung. A little remembrance, maybe?” Donghae teased with a grin.



♫We would’ve even lost our happiness if we were alone
Two sets of heartbeat knew what was important
I want us to feel something just by looking at each other
There are tears always♫

‘Really, Hyung. You’re the one who loves to cry and you have influenced Junsu-hyung and Jaejoong-hyung. But still, I couldn’t help but agree with you. I also would have lost all my happiness if I were alone. That’s why I am thankful that you guys still believe in us even when we’re apart. My heart, your heart, their hearts. They all beat as one and sings a song that only we can understand completely. When we look at you guys, when you guys look at us, there’s something in our eyes that is similar. That’s “longing.” I want to see you. I want to see Junsu-hyung. I want to see Jaejoong-hyung. But I’m afraid to look at your faces. Because if I did, my sight would only get blurry with tears.’

♫That’s right, there was meaning for us to be able to meet each other now instead of meeting someone else♫ ♫That day♫ ♫Better make it through the sadness♫

♫Yes, I want to be true to myself for your sake
I don’t want you to forget that♫

‘Our cute Junsu-yah, we met each other instead of someone else because it was fated, destined. Do you believe in such things? You know, TVXQ would have never existed if I never met you guys. You lost your voice and had it back again. Yoochunnie went to America then came back to Korea. Changminnie developed a handsome face and powerful voice at a young age. And Jaejoongie. He’s been through so much in his life with his family and his life with us, his second family. But still, he kept the four of us tucked together safely under his beautiful white wings. Oh, that angel of ours. And hey, how can Changmin and I forget that you three took this big step and did what you wanted to do for our sake? We understand. We’ll never judge you because of that. We owe you, instead.’

♫I wanted to see only you♫

♫I always wanted to see you♫

♫I’m still embracing your everything~ Oh oh oh~♫

♫Allow yourself to smile, just for us♫

♫Certainly, light will still shine ahead of us♫

‘Hyungs, do you best! You can’t see us now but we’re cheering you on! Gambatte! Aside from all the Cassiopeia, BigEast, and International fans, we are your number one fans. We’re always here for you. And please continue to wait for us. We’ll get to you someday. I miss you. I love you.’

‘Yeah. Light will surely continue to shine ahead of us. Everything will fall back into its places and we’ll be complete again. Hold on, remember? I’m gambling my everything for the faith that I’m keeping. We’ll be together again soon and we’ll start all over again with our little family. Junsu-yah, stay cute. I love you. Yoochun-ah, stay sweet. I love you. Jaejoongie, my boo, my angel, my love, my all. Always and forever, I will continue to love you.’



“Let’s do this.”

“Hold on tight, U-Know, Max.”

“Yes,” the two answered back with a gentle smile on their lips.

In a few seconds, the loud screaming of the all the fans awaiting the appearance of the two members of TVXQ filled the whole place and lit up their light sticks. They were chanting ‘miduhyo’, ‘always keep the faith’, and of course, ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki.’

After the two’s little trip by hanging in the air to get to the stage, they smiled in front of everyone, showing of their cool and handsome image. “Annyeong hasaeyo! We are TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin.”

~The End~

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i'm speechlees. do you have a tissue? T_T

oh, dear.
thank you for reading~

Hix..i wanna cry reading this fic..
It's so touching! (T^T)

I'd be glad if SuJu n SHINee keep supporting HoMin for real..

I pray those 5 Gods will reunite again as TVXQ..
Always Keep the Faith~

and Hope to the End~
thanks for reading!

i tried to make it a little livelier with a few scenes with SHINee and SuJu, though. :P

wow this is so touching i cried!!
wow it really is hard foe them isn't it!!!
uwaaaahhhh!!! i miss them1!! i want to cry more!!!!!
uwahhhh!!! it so hard to keep your hope!! it's like hanging to a thread!! but still i'm still hanging on till i think forever!!!
please return1!!

by the way this is so great!!!
you are like an inspiration to us:)

AKTF!!!! DBSK!!!

thank you very much^^
and thank you for reading~

Yey I'm ur first!!! First time writing a yunjae fic?

2nd, actually.
my first was Behind the 'W'... is Our Beloved YunJae♥

Oh my gosh, that was so sweet but sad at the same time. Our poor guys are in so much pain. :(

You wrote this wonderfully! :)

thank you~

i cried a lot when i read about leeteuk's yunho's & changmin's thoughts TT_____TT
a really touching story~
make another story of them :)

thank you for reading~
and yes, i'm about to start making another one :P
may i ask if you've already read my first fic?
it's Behind the 'W'... is Our Beloved YunJae♥
i hope you'd like that one too :D

oohh~ the sentiment... i miss TVXQ :'(

i miss them too T^T
thanks for reading~

(Deleted comment)
always keep the faith!
thanks for reading~

it makes me wana cry TT^TT

I miss them so much~

Hope can read your new fic soon~

i miss them too~
oh yeah, thanks for reminding me.
i'm half done with the new fic :P
i'll inform you when it's already posted?

Hey, long time no see XD~
After the first time I read this fic, I introduced it with my friend.
She and I wanna translate this fic and "Behind the W is our beloved YunJae" into our mother tongue - Vietnamese. (My english is not so good but i do my best to translate it. __^__)

I'll complete the translation in next few days. So, would you please to give me your permission to translate. If not, i'll keep it for mysefl. And i'll send you the link on the web where i post them.

Please answer me as soon as possible.
Love you~~~

woah! seriously?!
i mean, this is just unexpected. the fic being translated to another language is rather MAJOR!
gosh,thank you!

well, it would actually be my honor! but it's just that... um... is it okay if you put the credits? like indicated who made the original & who made the translations? copyrights and stuff...? i just don't want any "plagiarism agenda" on my part. that'd be disastrous. 'cause some may eventually come up with the conclusion that i was the one who translated the fic to english & that the vietnamese one was the original...

(Deleted comment)
i just re-read this fic because you commented...
and yeah, it's pretty sad...
i can't believe i wrote this o.o

(Deleted comment)
yours are not craps.
i actually find them interesting.
although i haven't read much, that is.
but i'm sure they're not.
'cause if they are, they you wouldn't have readers, right?

(Deleted comment)
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